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Bowland Cycles Case Studies

Read below how we have helped many a cyclist in distress!

Paul's Story

Paul, a very dedicated tri club member, works long hours and has difficulty accessing bike repair shops as they all close before he finishes work. A previous customer and friend suggested he contacted Bowland Cycles to see what i could do for him. Following our conversation where I assured him of Bowland Cycles flexibility, he brought his bike in on Sunday afternoon around 5.30pm for a "fault find" because of the noise it was making. I assessed the fault, diagnosed it as being the bottom bracket. I ordered the new parts on Monday, fitted them Tuesday, and following a test ride, informed him he could come and collect it whenever it was convenient. He arrived that evening around 6pm. Paul was very happy with the work and he had his bike back, noise free, for his journey to Europe for his Iron Man contest on Thursday.

Di's Story

Di worked long hours and had been let down by the quality of the work carried out on her beloved Bianchi. She wanted to know that care and top quality workmanship were going to be afforded to her bike. She came in with her wheel to get it repaired on Monday evening around 7pm and to have a look at the Bowland Cycles workshop and find out what and who Bowland Cycles were. She looked at the workshop and the bikes we had repaired and built. I trued her wheel and changed the damaged inner tube. She asked lots of questions about the business while she had a cup of tea and booked her bike in for a service later in the week. This was completed, with genuine Bianchi parts (where possible/requested) and she collected it the following Monday evening around 7.30pm. She happily left Bowland Cycles ready for her holiday cycling around Lake Garda.

Christine's Story

Christine is a Tri Club member. She brought her bike in for the full 5 Star service. She gave me a week to complete it as she was going away to support her husband in an iron man contest. This gave me plenty of time to work some Bowland Cycles magic on her ride. She was delighted with her ‘good as new’ bike - another satisfied Bowland Cycles customer!

Karen's Story

Karen’s bike had been left in the back of the cluttered garage since moving house 2 years ago. She asked if Bowland Cycles could do anything to help her. Ian went and collected it and cleaned it up, replaced all the consumables that needed it, adjusted gears where needed, re-trued the wheels, serviced the brakes and gave it a thorough safety check. Karen was delighted and promises to start her ‘get fit campaign’ very soon.

Lynn's Story

Lynn wanted a complete overhaul of her much loved tatty old shopper bike. She had seen an advert for a new pendleton bike on TV and was very taken with it. However, she wanted Ian to work miricles on her old bike so Ian completely stripped it down to the bare frame, servicing components where he could. He then sourced the paint, primed and painted it in the same colour that she had loved. This brought into play his past experience as a paint sprayer. Once the bike had been waxed and buffed, rebuilt and tested, Lynn was allowed to come and take delivery. She was absolutely thrilled with it and still is. Lynn is now the proud owner of the very first official bowland cycles bike!

What's next?

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