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Cycle Repair Services in Garstang

Bowland Cycles work to the highest standards

I use quality tools and sundries, therefore I'm happy to offer a guarantee on my work (excluding wear and tear or misuse). To this end, if you are not 100% happy with your bike on return, please contact me.  

Please note that all post service adjustments of cables etc, when they have bedded in are free of charge within a reasonable time from collection. Excessive wear and tear or damage not included.

Winter is coming! 

Ok boys and girls its time to get your winter trainers in for a check over and service. The last thing you want is to have a mechanical problem up on the moors in bad weather, especially if you are by yourself!

The complete services are listed below, however, they can be altered to suit your needs.  If a full service is not what you are looking for you can scroll down and see the fairly comprehensive list of individual jobs and prices.  Not sure what you need?  call in for a chat and assessment of your bike.  I also have a large selection of spares for sale.

5 Star Service

This is the top of the range service  - your bike will run and look as good as new!

This is the one you want to get your bike ready for the new season.

Following the rebuilding of your bike, there will be an involved test ride to ensure that your bike is the best that it can be. As this is a perfect time to upgrade/replace components, new parts will be fitted as requested at no extra charge. Following this service, your bike will look and feel like new!

Price from £119 Plus Parts  

Your Bike Will Be:

  • Detailed Hand Washed
  • Stripped of all components


  • Fully valleted
  • Checked
  • Detailed
  • Waxed

Each Component:

  • Cleaned
  • Degreased
  • Serviced
  • Lubed
  • Rebuilt

New Consumables Fitted:

  • Cables
  • Handlebar Tape
  • Brake Blocks
  • Chain etc

Gear Systems:

  • Checked, aligned and set    


  • Cleaned
  • Hubs/freehub serviced
  • Trued
  • Tyres and/or tubes replaced if necessary/requested
  • Waxed

NB: There may be an additional time charge on those bikes running hydraulic brakes but only if problematic. 

4 Star Service

This is a very comprehensive service.

On completion a test ride will be done to make sure your bike is in very good order. This is a perfect time to upgrade/replace components. Following this service your bike will be in the best condition it can be.

Price from £85 Plus Parts

Your Bike Will Be:

  • Pro Handwashed and degreased
  • Stripped where necessary for replacement/repair

New Consumables Fitted where needed:

  • Cables
  • Handlebar Tape
  • Brake Blocks/pads
  • Chain, cassette, Bbkt, jockeywheels, chainrings
  • Headset/bearings 

Gear Systems:

  • Checked, aligned and adjusted as needed


  • Cleaned
  • Hub/freehub serviced
  • Trued
  • Tyres and/or tubes replaced if necessary     

3 Star Service

This MOT is designed to make sure your bike is road worthy, safe to ride and in a basic good order. On completion a safety check will be done and a test ride to make sure your bike is in working order.

Price from £35 Plus Parts

Please note all prices *exclude* parts and sundries.

Your Bike Will have:

  • Basic hand wash
  • Consumables replaced as needed these are: inner cables, brake pads, chain, tyres
  • Lubed and basic adjustments made, where needed

Bike Build

New bike build from scratch to your specifications £110

Box builds from £30


Gear systems, chainset, brakes etc.

Price from £18

Fault Find

Investigate, remove and repair or replace if necessary (with customer agreement), general running check.

Price from £9 (dependent on investigative outcome)

Please note all prices *exclude* parts and sundries. 


Hubs see the section on this below

New pair of brake pads fitted and caliper adjustment £10 (both wheels)

New Disc brake pads fitted from £18 (includes caliper clean and piston check)

Hydraulic brake bleed, front and rear from £30 (excluding fluids)

Fit tyre or tube £6

Anti puncture treatment (Stans Fluid) from £11 per wheel   

Wheel repair (broken spokes etc) from £10

Wheel truing from £9

Please note all prices *exclude* parts and sundries.

Wheel Hubs and Freehub Bodies

Hub service from £10 per wheel.

Using very high quality grease, even sealed bearings can be and should be serviced / regreased once a year.

Freehub body and/or hub service.   Campagnolo, Fulcrum, Mavic and Edco specialist.

Full internal refurbishment where needed, with higher quality bearings than standard from £30 - that's less than half the price of a new one!

The relubing of Mavic freehub bodies is recommended at least once a year to stop wear and chain slap.

Please note all prices exclude parts and sundries.

BIKE FIT - Personalised position and bike set up

Price from £40

Please note all prices *exclude* parts and sundries. 

Drive Train

Fit new chain - £8

Fit new cassette - £9

Fit new bottom bracket from £15  -  Shimano, Campag, Sram, FSA etc and Look Zed crank 1&2

Remove and fit new chainset from £15

Fit new jockey wheel from £9

Pedal service from £9

Gear set-up from £15

Alignment of rear mech hanger £9

Please note all prices *exclude* parts and sundries.

Electronic Gears Di2 etc   Plus E Bikes 

Servicing/Set-up from £18

Upgrades/Installation from £18

Fault Finding etc from £18

Please note all prices *exclude* parts and sundries. 

E Bikes

Full servicing on all E Bikes.  Contact us for prices and to book your E Bike in.

Other Services

Remove and fit bar tape £12

Headset service from £12

Fork steerer tube cut £18

Fit mudguards from £18

Professional Bike Clean and lube (you will hardly recognise it!) from £30

Please note all prices *exclude* parts and sundries.

What's next?

Why not contact us to book your bike in? A local pick up and return service maybe available at a cost of £10, contact Ian to request it.  

NB: Any 'notified as completed' bikes left in the workshop for more than 4 days without prior agreement, will incur a storage charge of £5 per day. Sorry, but I do not have space to store bikes unless it has been agreed in advance.